The aim of this project is to bring communities together regardless of ethnicity and promote to community cohesion and integration. Edo Diaspora UK works with men and women from Edo state, Nigeria, who reside in Manchester. Most Edo state indigenes that migrated to the UK, suffer from societal sophistication in terms of understanding how life in the UK benefits everyone according to need and understanding. By the end of the project, we believe that Edo people in Manchester will be able to communicate better and improve their network relationship, thereby promoting a better community.

The T.I.M project aims to bring people together to build strong relationships. Aside from the weekly coffee morning drop-in sessions, we will have two community engagement events. These will not be restricted to Edo state indigenes ,it will be a community event that will bring people together to encourage and improve community cohesion, to build unity and oneness. The two events aim to bring at least 200 people together in unity. This will help them make new friends. This project aims to support Edo state indigenes who have migrated to the UK and are finding it difficult to integrate and get information as little as to where the GP is, schools near them, where to access jobs, nice places to visit in Manchester, to help them settle in and so on. Breaking it down, what is required to understand the simple steps of becoming a good member of the community.

To be part of our weekly coffee morning every Friday please contact: 07951086526