Edo Diaspora


Celebrating our Edo heritage in Manchester.

We will be holding weekly cooking sessions, which will be accessible via social media.


There will be three community cohesion events celebrating Edo heritage, cooking, and sharing traditional food and storytelling related to the dishes on display. This is educative because there will be a heritage-themed booklet produced and distributed to preserve the heritage.

Edo Diaspora UK CIC has received a grant of £9,950 from the heritage lottery fund to do our first heritage project. This is a six- month project, Celebrating our Edo Heritage in Manchester: Edo Diaspora UK Food Festival. We will have a weekly cooking session, during the session we will share the importance of Edo Cultural food and why it is important to keep our cultural heritage. The face to face sessions and online sessions will be open to all, so a wider audience can learn about our heritage, regardless of their ethnic background.

We will have three community cohesion events in celebrating our culture and diversity, Edo cultural food display show and dance.

Edo Diaspora UK CIC, provides support for African Men and their families across Greater Manchester.

Musa Amedu, CEO of Edo Diaspora UK, said: “I am pleased that the Heritage lottery fund allows us to explore and share our cultural heritage with a broader audience.”

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