Campaign project

This project was funded by Manchester health and care commissioning(MHCC), and Manchester community central(MACC) to raise awareness about mental wellbeing. The event was launched by The Lord Mayor of Manchester; Councillor Abid Latif Chohan. The theme of our campaign was “YOUR WELLBEING IS IMPORTANT”, an interactive session where we discussed “WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY”? Men, women and children discussed what makes them happy, some said family, money, having a party or event dancing, music, food and so on. The campaign was aimed at 40 Edo state indigenes in Manchester, we had over 90 men and women and 23 children. 113 in total, who registered. It was a successful event; we had representatives of other Edo groups and charity organisations.

The write-up below is from Macc website:

Sharing Our Wellness was a conversation about mental wellbeing. Though everyone’s mood changes all the time, for many people, feeling confident in themselves, engaged with life, able to cope and to experience a healthy range of emotions is not a given. Some people experience poor wellbeing but don’t call it depression or anxiety. For others, circumstances have compelled them to accept a diagnosis of their problem and to try to improve things. Mental wellbeing can be a difficult subject to broach but at Macc, with our long history of supporting local voluntary organisations, we know about the fantastic work the voluntary and community sector are doing to support local people. Too often, our conversations are about what doesn’t work, what isn’t good and what’s missing.